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May 23, 2011 Meeting Minutes

posted May 25, 2011, 5:39 AM by Piera Larabell   [ updated Jun 6, 2011, 6:51 PM ]

FUND RAISER slated for June 4th put on hold.  A new date of  June 2 has been set for selling flats of  perennials/veggies/hosta/iris at the Milford Farmers Market. Table set up is at 2:00

Anyone who would like to donate any plants for the sell may drop them off at Becca house the night/morning of. 


Steffanie working from 1:00 to as long as needed.  9 Each of Roma/Cherry/Ruger/Beefsteak Tomatoes. Few Red & Jalapeno Peppers.

Doug can’t work the fund raiser but is giving us 50 baby tomato’s to sell.

Brooke is going to help set up and stay for a little while. She is giving us some Hosta.

Lori can work from 6 to 10:00 and is giving us some Iris

Karen 15 flats of perennials not working.

Liz can’t work put is checking into some flats for us to sell.

Becca can work and is giving us some Hosta & Ivy.

If you are attending Wednesday’s meeting plz bring any extra pots/containers for us to use at the sell…

Volunteers to work the Fund Raiser and more plant donations to sell are welcome….


FENCING – to keep the garden uniform stakes are going to be provided and DuPont Wildlife Netting will enclose  the entire growing area instead of  trying to enclose each 15‘ by 15’ plot.  Lowes and Home Depot carries this product and the price point is around $15.00 A few of the growers have volunteered to purchase a roll for the Growing Green Garden. 

If ur interested in buying this product: DuPont 7’  X  100’ Wildlife Netting


PLOT ASSIGNMENTS – have started… Plot assignments were done by a name/drawing

Plot 1 Community Sharing

Plot 2 Steffanie

Plot 3 Doug

Plot 4 Allison

Plot 5 Brooke

Plot 6 Nevada

Plot 7 Becca

Plot 8 Lori

Plot 9 Marge

Plot 13 Don & Carol

Plot 14 Bridget

Plot 15 Liz


A Growing Green Contract and plot fee should be completed & paid before  a plot can be issued…


Work days have been planed…. Looks like we may have a small group out on Thursday the 26th and Saturday the 28th.  On Thursday we will have a Rototiller and a Tamper  available about 9:00 if anyone wants  to comeout… 



NEXT GROWING GREENS MEETING   Wednesday June 1 @ 7:00