About Us

Who we are
A group of organic earth diggers, seed sowers and food growers who are excited to bring organic community gardening to Milford.

Why we are
We want to grow healthy food for our families and neighbors, involve and educate our children about healthy eating, and foster a sense of community.

Where we are
GM Road at Milford Road. Adjacent to the bike trail and the Huron River. 

No space to plant a garden at home? 
Join us with a plot of your very own.

Want to help out your community?
Volunteers are needed to help till the soil, maintain the fence, and help control weeds garden.

The Growing Greens Milford Community Garden was established in the spring of 2011 and approved at that time by the Milford Village Council. It is located on GM Road behind Pet Supplies Plus. The garden is beautifully situated near the river with a tree buffer and grass strip in between.  As part of our process we participated in classes at Growing Hope (a successful community garden in Ypsilanti) for knowledge of the organization and maintenance of a community garden. Our liability insurance is currently under the umbrella of Growing Hope. The Huron River Watershed Council approved the pumping of water from the river for the garden and we are well under the allotted usage of water. The Growing Greens Milford Community Garden has 38 garden plots. We maintain the individual plots organically. The community garden does not authorize the use of any synthetic pesticides, herbicides, fertilizer or any other synthetic material in the garden. As stated in our contract to our gardeners “we are guests on this property … please be a good tenant and neighbor”.

The Growing Greens Milford Community Garden has:

·       Donated as much as 2700 lbs. of food to Community Sharing Outreach Center food bank grown from our volunteer garden, and this has been the case for the past several years.

·       Contributed at Earth Day in Milford for the past 5 years.

·       Participated in the Milford Garden Walk.

·       Promoted health and science projects at three different schools interested in growing seedlings for the volunteer garden. (Heritage Elementary – 4th grade, Johnson Elementary –      2nd grade and Christ Lutheran – preschool)

·       Instructed the gardeners regarding the conservation of watering their gardens according to the guidelines established through Michigan State University


·       Worked with high school students interested in gardening, and given high school students the opportunity to obtain volunteer hours needed for leadership classes.

·       Supplied Master Gardeners the necessary hours to complete their volunteer requirements.

·       Provided a healthy eco system, which has been acknowledged as a National Wildlife Federation habitat.

We currently have bird houses surrounding the garden (which are constantly filled), as well as a hawk platform, and bat box. We maintain flower gardens which encourage numerous birds, bees, and butterflies in an environmentally friendly refuge. We also promote the growth of milkweed in and surrounding our garden for the monarch butterflies.

The Growing Greens Milford Community Garden continues to supply the community a safe and peaceful environment to grow fruit and vegetables for their families and friends, as well as a beautiful gathering place to enjoy nature.

Interested in helping? email info@growinggreensmilford.org

Growing Greens Milford,
Apr 3, 2017, 7:00 PM